RE with Soul: RE Learning Through Partnership

RE teaching and learning through local and global school and church partnerships

What does Jesus commandment to ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’ mean today, in a globalized culture?

RE with Soul resources support Primary and Secondary schools in using enquiry-based learning pathways and global links to explore this question, within RE and Citizenship.

Schools via their local churches have established local and overseas learning and exchange partnerships, for example between the UK and Mozambique, through ALMA, the Diocese of London’s overseas mission link.

Churches are able to contribute more substantially to enquiry-based RE teaching and learning in schools; and schools can draw creatively upon churches’ overseas mission links.

The resources are designed to be adapted for use by all schools and churches, and to inspire them in learning from one another, as they journey together in exploring what loving your neighbour can mean,  both locally and globally.

RE with Soul supports SMSC, positively impacts school ethos and values, and benefits wider community relationships.