Maciene student

Maciene student

RE with Soul’ resources for KS3 and KS2  RE teaching and learning combine a ‘citizenship –framed’ focus for exploring Christianity, its diversity and values, through creative enquiry and live global partnerships.

These partnerships between churches and schools in the UK and the Church of England network of relationships with Diocese overseas, have given rise to a deepening understanding of Jesus’ command to ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’.

Through dialogue, confronting shared challenges, and working together the Diocese of London’s Angola London Mozambique Association (ALMA) has helped school and church partners in the UK and overseas, encounter each other, become friends, to grow empathy and mutual understanding.

These resources have been developed through both RE and Citizenship teaching and learning within two first generation partnerships: firstly, between Maciene school in Southern Mozambique and Twyford Church of England High School in Ealing, UK; and Blair Peach Primary School and St Georges Church Southall with the Anglican Church in Lichinga, Northern Mozambique.

Teaching and learning through the lens of these sustainable global partnerships, brings RE to life . The idea of who is a neighbour is extended and stretched; and global citizenship learning is made real and relevant through encountering individuals and their experiences.

The RE with Soul pedagogy integrates creative inquiry and critical questioning central to growth of theological and religious literacy advocated in the National Curriculum Framework for Religious Education NCFRE (2013) The focus of the units and learning objectives meet the NCFREs requirements and complement the ‘Understanding Christianity’ Resources. These key links have been cross-referenced within the lesson content in the KS2 and KS3 units of work.

RE with Soul inspires possibilities for sustainable learning partnerships, with all the benefits this can bring for developing whole school ethos. Churches have many different kinds of overseas links with churches and communities. These resources demonstrate the opportunities and benefits offered by the Diocese of London companion link with Angola and Mozambique,  enabled by ALMA (Angola, London, Mozambique Association)

The resources stand alone but can be used as a pathway to explore the opportunities that exist for a school to develop sustainable overseas partnerships by adapting  the Diocesan Companion example of ALMA-initiated partnerships between churches and communities across London and Mozambique.

Diocese of Niassa receiving Southall banners

Diocese of Niassa receiving Southall banners

We hope that you will enjoy RE with Soul, find its resources valuable for RE teaching and global citizenship and be stimulated to explore possibilities for local and global partnership, with all the benefits this can bring for developing whole school ethos.

Revd John Seymour

Chaplain, Twyford CE High School
ALMA schools’ adviser

Rachel Woods

RE Consultant
Primary RE Specialist Teacher