Aims & Objectives

RE with Soul

Twyford and Macience students with head teacher

RE with Soul aims to offer teachers and learners:

  • enquiry-based teaching and learning units with supporting resources
  • depth of theological engagement and progressive exploration of  the Christian teaching “Love your neighbour as yourself”,   through the lens of  values/global citizenship
  • exploration of diversity within Christianity in Western and Non-Western communities
  • development of  theological and religious literacy through creative,  citizenship-framed learning within global relationships
  • opportunities for schools to creatively engage in their own live relationships and to reflect on their experiences
  • model case studies of RE with Soul teaching and learning drawing upon church and school links as well as an encounter between UK students and Mozambican students enabled through The Church of England Diocesan Companions framework of partnerships e.g. Diocese of London ALMA
  • exchanges through the British Council’s ‘Connecting Classrooms’ initiative.