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ALMA: RE with Soul is an initiative of ALMA (Angola London Mozambique Association), the Diocesan link between the Anglican churches in Angola, London and Mozambique.

ALMA Sunday St Paul's Cathedral

ALMA Sunday St Paul’s Cathedral

Many schools and Churches within the Diocese of London have been enriched by relationships with partners in Mozambique and Angola. Through dialogue, confronting shared challenges, and working together ALMA has helped school and church partners encounter each other, become friends, and to grow in empathy and mutual understanding. In Portuguese ALMA means ‘Soul’.


CSTG Culham St Gabriel’s is an endowed charitable trust dedicated to educational work in support of religious education (RE). They are committed to excellence in religious education for all learners. They support teachers by helping them to offer the best, high-quality learning experiences in RE, school worship and spiritual and moral development. CSTG also support work that promotes the links between school ethos, values, leadership and school improvement.


Blair Peach Primary School, Middlesex, UK is a community primary school in Southall serving a densely populated area. Blair Peach School aims for academic and creative excellence and to provide an education that will meet the needs of all children. They are committed to working with pupils, parents and the community to provide the best possible education within a happy, caring and stimulating environment.

Twyford Church of England High School, Ealing, UK  is a distinctive Christian community which aims to ‘see that of God’ in every student. They believe that every individual has the capacity to make a positive contribution to the world if they engage intelligently and recognise their God-given gifts. The School’s mission is to create an intellectually vigorous community in which all students give their best at all times and work purposefully and joyfully towards their goal. This is called the 10:10 ethic and the aim is to live by it day by day.

Maciene Primary, Secondary and Technical Schools, Xai Xai, Mozambique, is in a rural village, built as part of the mission of the Anglican Church. The schools were then taken over by the state when Mozambique achieved independence. The student population is approximately one thousand five hundred; two shifts are run so that the students are split between a morning school and afternoon school. A governing council oversees the school’s life and mission with the government official for education in Gaza; there are strong links between the school, village community and Maciene cathedral.


Lichinga Church, Niassa, Mozambique

St George’s  C of E Church, Southall, UK is an informal and friendly church, attended by Christians who try to follow Jesus every day of their lives. St George’s church is part of the Church of England, and has an informal style of worship. They have close links with the four other Church of England churches in Southall and together, as ‘The Southall Group’, share the motto: ‘Together with Jesus, transforming people, transforming Southall’. The church community believe in worshipping Jesus in a relevant way, and in being actively involved in our community by sharing Jesus’s love with the people in Southall and the wider world.