RE with Soul Logo

Neighbours across the world grow together in love


RE with Soul logo

The RE with Soul logo contains the core commitment of the project: to build relationships between partners across the globe. The learning which follows allows new-found neighbours to grow together, developing responsibility for each other with affection. The resources help participants to meet each other and learn what love might look like when expressed.

The elements of the logo spell out the tag line of the project, with the olive branch on the left as a symbol of peace:



Neighbours across the globe
human family; listening, reaching out; dancing; identity; creation; global village; outward-looking


Branching tree

Grow, develop and are enriched
environmental justice; Tree of life; Eden; values; rooted; creativity; new fruit


The Cross

as they come together in partnership
united; care, redemption, sacrifice; reconciliation



and learn how to love through similarities and differences
compassion;  cost; empathy; friendship; relationship; giving; receiving; connection