Benefits to churches

The RE with Soul resources offer the following benefits to churches:

dramatising Bible stories using a parachute 2014

RE with Soul offers resources needed for educational partnerships with schools

Enrichment of relationships with local schools 

  • supporting deeper exploration and understanding of Christianity; its core values for individuals and communities, locally and globally through contextual learning
  • supporting creative approaches to RE teaching and learning which  enhance pupil engagement  through linking thinking, learning and making
  • enabling schools to use churches as a creative learning spaces and as a resource for enquiry based RE learning

Hosting schools participation in ALMA partnerships established between churches and communities across London and Mozambique

  • facilitation of a global perspective for RE through advocating use of RE with Soul resources
  • supporting transformational teaching and learning through encounter between UK schools and Mozambican churches and communities.
  • opportunities for schools to creatively engage in exploring ‘live’ relationships that model these core values, in western and non-western community contexts

Enquiring through Creative process:

  • enabling deeper engagement in exploring and reflecting on theology and its impact on individuals and communities
  • affirms cultural identity through enabling engagement through shared creativity using church spaces

Integrating a ‘values in action’ element into RE education:

  • helping schools bring teaching and learning to life through participation in live overseas partnership
  • supporting an applied approach to RE teaching and  learning
  • church partnership helps release the potential for RE to catalyse action positive change in the school community and beyond