RE with Soul – Benefits to primary schools

grows theological and religious literacy supported by local churches 

  • facilitates deeper understanding of the significance and impact of Christianity, and its core values on individuals and communities, locally and globally through contextual learning
  • enables creative approaches to RE teaching and learning which  enhance pupil engagement  through linking thinking, learning and making
  • harnessing the potential for churches to be used as creative learning spaces and as a resource for enquiry based RE learning

integrates a ‘values in action’ element into RE education:

  • brings enquiry RE teaching and learning to life
  • offers applied RE learning that inspires and motivates positive action
  • releases the potential for RE to catalyse action positive change in the school community and beyond

offers direct engagement with overseas church links such as Diocesan Companions.

  • For example modelled here is  Diocese of London’s ALMA partnerships between churches and communities across London and Mozambique
  • offers a global perspective for enquiry based RE and citizenship  teaching
  • transformational teaching and learning through encounter between UK pupils and Mozambican churches and communities.
  • opportunities for schools to creatively engage in exploring ‘live’ relationships that model these core values, in western and non-western community contexts

 creative enquiry process

  • using the arts and  teamwork and  enables deeper engagement in exploring and reflecting on theology and its impact on individuals and communities
  • affirms cultural identity through enabling engagement through shared creativity

develops leadership skills

  • motivation and ideas to augment and develop an RE or Citizenship curriculum
  • extending whole school curriculum and cross-curricular development work
  • early consultation work will provide a natural context to mentor teachers in the use of the resources and their broader application, including in RE, SMSC and citizenship  leadership.
  • The values base of the project, taken alongside its spiritual, cultural and social content, provide for the natural outcome of ALMA: RE with soul to be a whole school project that informs school ethos and provides for SMSC learning across a whole school community, also engaging community partners

offers opportunities for overseas partnerships

  • participation in established and stable relationships between dioceses in the UK and overseas (Diocesan Companions), for example the Diocese of London and its ALMA partners in the global south: Lebombo, Niassa and Angola
  • partnership is embedded in local communities through their parish churches and is expressed in a variety of ways.
  • RE with Soul resources enable enjoyment and enrichment that comes from a personal twinning relationship via their local church with the possibility of  developing their own partnerships