Benefits for Secondary schools

The RE with Soul resources offer the following benefits for Secondary schools:

Links between global citizenship learning and religious education

  • Using the central motif of ‘loving my neighbour’ students’ theological & moral insight into who their neighbour is will grow and deepen through exploring a series of religious motifs
  • students’ insight into what ‘loving’ a neighbour means in practice will grow with the opportunity provided through the resources and exchanges to encounter their Mozambican neighbour
  • provides for exploring religions and beliefs openly, rigorously, critically and reflectively in the context of a changing and globalised world
  • students  explore their values as they consider how to be a neighbour
  • examine their own values critically as they encounter their neighbour and enter into relationship and dialogue with them

Development of leadership skills

  • motivation and ideas to augment and develop an RE or Citizenship curriculum
  • extending whole school curriculum and cross-curricular development work
  • early consultation work will provide a natural context to mentor teachers in the use of the resources and their broader application, including in RE leadership
  • The values base of the project, taken alongside its spiritual, cultural and social content, provide for the natural outcome of ALMA: RE with soul to be a whole school project that informs school ethos and provides for SMSC learning across a whole school community, also engaging community partners

Schools development of their own overseas partnerships

  • participation in established and stable relationships between Dioceses in the UK and overseas (i.e. through Diocesan Companions.) For example, the Diocese of London and its ALMA partners in the global south: Lebombo, Niassa and Angola
  • partnership is embedded in local communities through their parish churches and is expressed in a variety of ways
  • RE with Soul resources  enable enjoyment and enrichment that comes from a personal twinning relationship  as they use the curriculum materials
  • RE with Soul resources provide a route for schools to progress through to opening the possibility of schools developing their own partnerships
  • RE with Soul resources will model how such a partnership might take place sustainably and equitably