KS2 Case studies

Southall Banners in St Paul's Cathedral 2014

Gifts of the Spirit Banners, made by Blair Peach Primary School for Lichinga, Mozambique in St Paul’s Cathedral 2014

KS2 case studies describe and evaluate models for delivering an RE with Soul unit using a local church’s overseas partnership. here a Diocese of London ALMA partnership. The partnership concerned in these examples is between a community primary school and parish church in Southall, and the parish church in Lichinga, Mozambique.

‘Love your neighbour’ with extended reflection – banner project 

‘Water of Life Exploring Baptism’  with extended reflection  – stained glass project

Harvest Explore!

Love your neighbourWater of LifeHarvest Explore! and related resources provide inspiration and a point of departure for other schools to enrich values-based RE enquiries into Christianity, through live global partnerships.