RE with Soul resources offer opportunities for schools and churches to engage in:

RE with Soul resources engage individuals in schools and churches in encountering one another, locally and globally through enabling:

  • creative ways of making enquiries into Christian theology and belief, its impact and shared values, within the diversity of the global community
  • a depth of engagement and deeper understanding of the significance of ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’
  • creative ways of facilitating enquiry and reflection within shared learning processes through school to local church partnerships
  • schools to get to know overseas neighbours through Diocesan Companions for example Diocese of London ALMA partnerships
  • reflection on the diversity present within their own community (school, city, religious context) and that of the partner community, as a means of encounter for social, cultural and moral enrichment with deepening self-awareness
  • schools to set up a global partnership with overseas churches or schools
  • modelling of how a local church linked  overseas partnership can be reflected in the curriculum for most effective impact
  • a framework for sustainable overseas relationships and values that can influence school ethos and church community outreach