Artists and educators

Partnership with Christian artists can add considerable depth to the creative reflection flowing from the theological enquiry. For example the extended reflection for Water of Life focussed on the creation of designs for stained glass, as a response to the brief, exploring the key questions: how can we love our neighbours as ourselves through creating the window designs? What difference will the message of the window designs make to the congregation in Lichinga?

Considering how theological concepts are communicated visually in churches for example stained glass windows as an expression of worship and teaching tool, formed the transition from learning about the theology of water and baptism to undertaking the extended creative reflection, in the form of the designs for stained glass windows. Discussion on the theme of water in Christianity flowed through the response to the brief for Lichinga. How can we design our banner to communicate the message about water in Christianity to church in Lichinga?

Decisions were made about how the five window designs could cohere whilst each concept could be individually expressed. Pupils drew their ideas from window designs from Emma Blount’s stained glass designs.

Using the visual framework of stained glass pupils then visualised their ideas individually and collectively in their small groups for the concept: Jesus’s example and what it means in the world. Reflective questions were given to each group to further challenge their thinking skills as they refined their design work.

See the video to find out about the value of enabling Christian artists to contribute to the RE with Soul learning experience.