Why is RE with Soul different from other experiences of RE learning?  

Encourages children to engage in observing and experiential learning about belief in action

Creativity allowed engagement on lots of levels for example clergy with children, teachers, parents, interaction between age groups

What does ‘ RE with soul’ mean to you in relation to the life of your church?

Enabled clergy to share a model of collaboration in relation to RE and citizenship

Refreshed relationship with churches in Mozambique – mobilised a deeper sharing through extending visit to include visit to the school and meet pupils – share about life in Mozambique

Participated through conversations, email, visits – practicalities e.g measuring windows etc.

Rev Helen Van Koevering’s visit from Lichinga to Blair Peach Primary School

ALMA celebration – of many relationships enriched by creative project work

What specific aspects of the RE with Soul approach enabled your church community to contribute?

Use of church space for creative learning

Organising the Harvest Explore Panel with members of the congregation to share cultural experiences  and experiences of Harvest celebrations overseas

Different members of  congregation sharing  about engaging with the community locally and globally – e.g. toddler group – seeing how a church works

The church has prayed for the project and the ALMA linked parish Linchinga prayed for our  church – giving thanks for project and its completion

Children and parents from different religions working together

What were you as a church leader able to contribute to RE with Soul?  

Hosted, welcomed – offered church hospitality, engaged with parents and children, contributed to learning and participated in creating ‘ a gift’ for Mozambique

Building on existing links with the ALMA coordinator and St Paul’s Cathedral through displaying banners and attending the ALMA celebration with members of staff from Blair Peach Primary

How did RE with Soul enrich your ALMA partnership?

Opportunities to contribute to RE teaching and learning linked to our ALMA partnership

What was exciting about responding to a ‘live’ brief from the church in Mozambique?

Gift – element – a way of growing, enriching relationship – visible symbol for partnerships

What difference did the process extended creative reflection  make to the RE with Soul  learning experience?

Overcomes language barriers, leadership skills development – working together mirrors the description of the body of Christ in the Bible

Team building, problem solving, research, ideas generation, art skills, enquiry-based RE

What do you remember most clearly about your RE with Soul experience as a church leader?

Practical – getting stuck – in, leveller, allowed relationships to flourish on a different level

How could you explain RE with Soul in a way that inspires other  schools in your parish   to use the ideas?

Developing parish church support for RE with Soul

What suggestions do you have to enhance RE with Soul?

RE with Soul enables churches to engage with schools in a lively creative way, using your existing ALMA – mission links to enrich RE teaching and learning