Why is RE with Soul different from other ways of learning RE?

You get the inner meaning. You learn the deeper meaning of what your are investigating.

What does ‘soul’ mean to you?

Finding the inner meanings, thinking deeply. Discovering hidden meanings in stories or ideas.

How did you experience values in action through the Re with Soul  learning experience?

Teamwork, discussing skills and communicating and sharing ideas.

What critical thinking and investigative skills have your developed?

teamwork, engaging with other people’s ideas and thinking about their importance, investigation, empathy, association.

How did key questions help you learn?

It helped me think deeper and better about the question.

They helped us understand and think better than before.

How did time for reflection help your learning?

We were able to think about things ourselves then combine ideas to make better ones.

We were able to think more for ourselves without needing information.

Reflection benefitted my ideas.

group discussion about what was happening so far in our design process.

What was exciting about the ‘live’ project brief?

Going to the church to learn, thinking about the inner meaning of the stories.

It helped us compare life in Mozambique with our own.

What did you enjoy most about being creative?

It helped me think deeply about the ideas.

Communicating as a team and using everyone’s ideas.

What did you learn from the partnership between your local church and overseas community?

It helps us think more deeply and consider other people’s situations and needs.

What do you remember most about your RE with Soul experience?


It connects you with your thoughts and feelings, and helps you think deeply and concentrate.

I can remember the importance of stories and symbols.

Making comparisons and creativity