School and Church Partnerships

Primary school and church partnerships across the Diocese of London have been enriched through working together in harnessing the RE educational and relationship-building opportunities within ALMA partnerships with Mozambican and Angolan churches and communities. RE with Soul resources are designed to nourish relationships and release the learning potential within  these partnerships, in creative ways that can be motivating and transformational for all involved. See the ‘About’  and Case Studies sections of the website for more details.

To find out more, please read the RE with Soul case studies for Blair Peach Primary School and St George’s Church

School to School Partnerships

RE with Soul has initiated numerous successful exchange partnerships between schools  and churches both locally and globally. Engagement with overseas neighbours,  sharing lives and learning,   through ALMA School to school partnerships, and supported by RE with Soul resources, have enabled lasting and transformational friendships to be formed, that inspire positive action relating to beliefs, identity and belonging.

To find out more, please read the Twyford Academies Trust,  along with the feedback pages.