Love your Neighbour

What difference does the teaching ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ make to Christian life, individually, locally, globally?

KS2 pupils will explore the concept of ‘neighbour’ and identify well known people who show love to their neighbours in different situations? They will consider who their ‘neighbour’ is and focus on exploring the significance of Jesus teaching ‘to love God and to love your neighbour as yourself’, and its impact on Christian believers individually, locally and globally.

Reverend Helen Van Koevering, from Mozambique, visits Blair Peach Primary School to see the banners that have been made by pupils for the church in Lichinga.

Through examining select examples from the Gospels, they will learn about the impact of Jesus teaching and example in relation to the two commandments about ‘loving God your neighbour as yourself’ upon Christian living, for example the Parable of the Good Samaritan. They will be able to answer questions about the example of Jesus as a Saviour and servant to all mankind in Christian thinking, how this inspires Christians to follow Jesus, to participate in church life and share in loving other people in their local communities and overseas.

Pupils will recognise how ‘loving your neighbour as yourself’ is a key concept in Christianity that unites and motivates believers in following the example of Jesus in serving others, for example working together in churches  and organisations to serve others  in the local community and overseas through mission and charity work. Pupils will explore examples of different Christian Charities and how they love their neighbour overseas.

Pupils will find out about Diocesan Companions, for example Angola, London, Mozambique Association (ALMA) and  the difference partnerships with overseas neighbours make to a believer’s life.

Pupils are able to explore ‘live relationships’ between Christian believers in their local church communities and communities in Mozambique that demonstrate aspects of ‘Loving your neighbour as yourself’. In addition there are opportunities through extended creative reflection for pupils to share directly in projects arising from the existing relationships between local churches and their Overseas neighbours, for example see the Case study for Love your Neighbour – creating banners for the church in Lichinga, Mozambique on the theme of ‘spiritual gifts’.

Love your neighbour scheme of work downloadable  Unit 1 Love your neighbour