Harvest Explore!

What on earth has harvest got to do with heaven? What does ‘Harvest’ mean to believers in UK and overseas?

Harvest Explore! Gratitude in action – How do beliefs inspire action?

Pupils will reflect on the importance of food for survival; and on the production and availability of food in UK and overseas. They will recognise that people have different attitudes and levels of access to food, depending on where they live. They will reflect on how belief in God as provider inspires personal gratitude and can motivate action on behalf of others in both times of plenty and poverty. To understand the context for Christian harvest festivals, pupils will consider the Jewish festival of Sukkoth, Feast of Tabernacles, in the Old Testament, which Jesus would have celebrated. They will investigate how the Christian harvest festival has adapted and changed over time,  in order to understand what ‘harvest’ means to Christian believers today in the UK and overseas.

2009 HD Chihunzuine watering 064Through participating in a ‘Harvest Question Time’, pupils will compare and contrast how Harvest is celebrated individually, locally and globally, for example in the UK and overseas (Mozambique). They will reflect on what they can learn from their overseas neighbour in relation to harvest. They will look at examples of Harvest worship from UK and overseas and consider what the lyrics communicate about beliefs.  Pupils will reflect on the fact that Jesus describes himself as ‘Lord of the Harvest’ and how this impacts believers lives and the rituals and purpose of Harvest festivals themselves. In the light of their learning they will consider the concept of ‘harvest of righteousness’ and the question ‘what on earth has harvest got to do with heaven?’

In Harvest Explore!, Pupils will have opportunities to activate a practical expression of gratitude, arising from the learning journey (class or whole school) to share with the local church or linked community overseas, for example in Mozambique. Ideas include designing  a ‘live’ campaign for a charity supported by the local church or planning and leading a school harvest festival (Plan of action to be decided by the children).