Activity 3 – Interpreting Jesus’ commandments

How do believers interpret the commandment to love your neighbours? 

Pupils will recognise how ‘loving your neighbour as yourself’ is a key concept in Christianity; one that unites and motivates believers in following the example of Jesus. They will understand Christians interpreting Jesus’ commandments as expressed in serving others, for example giving time  to working together in churches and organisations to serve others in the local community and overseas through mission and charity work.

Pupils will explore examples of different Christian Charities and how they love their neighbour overseas.

Key Questions

How do Christians interpret the commandment to ‘Love God and Love your neighbour as yourself’?

How do Christian charities love their neighbours?

Learning Objectives

  • That there are Christian organisations that are inspired by Jesus’ teaching ‘love your neighbour’
  • To make links between charity campaigns  and Christian key teaching  and beliefs


  • How do Christian believers interpret Jesus’ teaching ‘Love God and your neighbour as yourself?
  • Starter quizwhat’s the best way to show that you love someone? Personal, local, global
  • Write synonyms for aspects of love – affection, self-sacrifice, caring, kindness on index cards in a bag – pull out an example and link to a question How do you show care for others?

Main Activity

Information Envoy: Finding out about the work of different charities and what this shows about ‘Loving your neighbour’

  • Provide each group with information about each charity. See Charities Fact Sheet
  • One person from each table has to tell another table a fact, while remaining pupils make  notes on the facts being shared. At the end of the session each group reports to the class about information gathered for each charity.
  • The idea of Loving God, and loving your neighbour, is widely explored in religion. What we believe about our neighbour and understand about what it means to love people, has an impact on how we live, and the decisions we make.


Where is the love being shown by the charities?

Learning outcomes

  • Identify and explain how Christian charities interpret the commandment to love your neighbour as yourself.
  • Respond sensitively to some Christian NGO advertising campaigns, motivating people to love their neighbour as themselves.

Resources and Points to note

Charities Fact Sheet


Water Aid

Christian Aid


The Red Cross

The Fairtrade Foundation

The Trussell Trust  Food banks

Charity fact sheet  Charities Factsheet

Information envoy can be managed as a competition between groups