Activity 4 – Making choices to love

Making choices about how we show love

In  this activity pupils explore making choices to love people. They consider what motivates them to want to love people and the different ways we can show love to others.

Key Questions

How does giving to charity follow the example of the Good Samaritan in loving your neighbour?

How would you show love to your neighbour, following Jesus’ example?

Learning Objectives

  • To understand how building relationships with our neighbours and examples of  social action are expressions of faith and worship


Making choices about how we show love

Recap the previous lesson.

Have an introductory debate: Sir Winifred Pilkington Stanley has died and left £1 million to go to the charity which best displays loving your neighbour?

Which charity do you think it the money should go to? (see previous lesson)

Main activity

If you were organising a campaign to love your neighbour following Jesus’ example, how would you show love to your neighbour? (Think back to the inspiring people in lesson 1.)

What straplines would you include in your poster to inspire and motivate people to take action, in making choices to love?

Ask pupils to think about the idea that Christians are inspired to love other people as part of their worship and love for God.

How might this be expressed in the lives of individual believers and their churches links with the local community? Brain shower ways in which believers might organise activities to help people in the local community.


Gather key questions to ask representative from the church community (next lesson) about what motivates them to care for others and the difference their actions make to people’s lives.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify similarities and differences in the way in which ‘Love your neighbour’ has been interpreted by churches and believers
  • Describe what the different community initiatives  show about the beliefs and values of Christians

Resources and Points to Note

Water Aid

Christian Aid


The Red Cross

The Fairtrade Foundation

The Trussell Trust Food banks