Activity 5 – Loving our neighbours overseas

How are Christian believers loving their neighbours overseas?

Pupils will investigate the impact of the example of Jesus: following how, in Christian understanding, he is Saviour and servant to all mankind. They will find out and evaluate  how this inspires Christians to follow Jesus: exploring how Christians participate in church life, love people in their local communities and share in loving our neighbours overseas.

Pupils will recognise how ‘loving your neighbour as yourself’ is a key concept in Christianity that unites and motivates believers in following the example of Jesus in serving others, for example working together in churches  and organisations to serve others  in the local community and overseas through mission and charity work

Key Questions

How do Christians in our local community show that Jesus is Saviour of the whole world: that everyone is a child of God, deserving of God’s love?

Why do Christians build relationships with people overseas?

Learning Objectives

  • To make links between the commandment to love your neighbour (local and global) and the teachings of Jesus
  • To understand how initiatives with people overseas connect to the idea that Christians believe in God’s global family


Explore the following questions with pupils

  • How do Christians in our local community show that Jesus is Saviour of the whole world and that everyone is a child of God, deserving of God’s love?
  • How do our school rules or values help us love our neighbour?
  • Which rules are they and what evidence is there them for making a difference in someone’s life?

Main activity

Walk to our local church and ask, ‘What can we do to find out how the church loves people in the wider community’?

Look at church or community noticeboards to find evidence of local community activities such as mothers and toddler groups, children’s holiday clubs, post retirement activities. See church noticeboard gallery

Find out ways that the church links to overseas communities. How does this show love to your neighbour?

Invite a representative from the local church to talk about their link with their community and church overseas, and if they have made an exchange visit, what difference it makes to them.

For example:introduce pupils to a church’s overseas links for example Diocese of London Angola, London, Mozambique Association (ALMA)

ALMA means soul in Portuguese.

Remind pupils about the work of  Charities they investigated in the last lesson, e.g. Christian Aid. What is the difference between overseas work through a local church and charity work?, i.e. people in a church often do the work voluntarily.


Design a poster/leaflet to advertise ways that the local church loves their neighbours in the local community and overseas.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the ways in which different church initiatives show how Christian believers love their neighbours locally and globally
  • Show, using appropriate words, my understanding of the purpose of these local and global partnerships

Resources and Points to Note

  • Ask your local church for information about community initiatives: eg mothers and toddlers groups, Christians against poverty CAP, A Rocha
  • Ask about overseas links for example Angola, London, Mozambique Association, ALMA (Diocese of London) ALMA