Activity 6 – Learning from our overseas neighbours

How can we learn from our overseas neighbours?

Pupils have learnt about how believers love their neighbours overseas;  building on this, they are now asked to consider what they can learn from our overseas neighbours. They will find out how partnerships with overseas neighbours make a difference to a believer’s life. They will consider Diocesan Companion links, for example Angola, London, Mozambique Association (ALMA) and how they can learn from their overseas neighbours.

Key Questions

What can we learn from our overseas neighbours?

Learning Objectives

  • To identify what we can learn from our neighbours
  • To consider ways of loving our neighbours as ourselves


How can we learn from our overseas neighbours?

Invite pupils to share attitudes about RE, church. Show an example of people worshipping in a church – singing and dancing a church service.

What can we learn from what they are doing? For example what would happen if we did our assembly like this?

Many churches have built relationships with churches and communities overseas, to develop friendships.

Invite a representative of the local church involved with an overseas partnership, for example  ALMA, to explain why they have built relationships with communities and churches overseas, asking that they show examples of joint project work.

Consider what difference these links and ‘friendships’ have made to both communities – narrowing the distances, loving your neighbour as yourself.

For example ask pupils what difference they think an overseas visit to a Mozambican church and community might make to a Christian believer?

How would it challenge them to think about loving their neighbour differently?

What difference would it make to them?

Compare and contrast (see RE with Soul visual resources for additional images)


What has impacted you about comparing and contrasting church and community life in UK and Mozambique?

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe some ways in which we can learn from our overseas neighbours
  • Raise and consider questions about what can be done to love our neighbours
  • Explain what difference an overseas visit or exchange could make to a believer’s understanding of love your neighbour as yourself

Resources and Points to note

See RE with Soul visual resources section of the website for images from Mozambique.  These photos can be used to create resources to support enquiries that compare and contrast UK and Mozambique. Themes include: