Lesson 5 – Harvest Question Time

Through participating in a ‘Harvest Question Time’ pupils will compare and contrast how Harvest is celebrated individually, locally and globally, for example in the UK and overseas (Mozambique) and will reflect on what they can learn from their overseas neighbour in relation to harvest.

Key Questions

  • What kind of questions are helpful for a community of enquiry?
  • What difference can asking key questions make to gathering knowledge?

Learning Objectives

  • Choose effective key questions to form a community of enquiry about harvest
  • Use listening and recording skills to for community of enquiry


‘Harvest Question time’

The harvest question time provides a good stimulus for community of enquiry using the preparation process in Lesson 4

Introductory questions for each panel member:

  • What does harvest mean to you?
  • How do you celebrate Harvest? 
  • Have you ever celebrated harvest in another country? What was different about it?

Children’s key questions to follow on for each panel member

Reflection time between each question: Children are given time to discuss the panel members response and record ideas on sheets

Pupils should listen to each question and to the answers given by the panel members,

Time will be given for reflection for example to discuss the response with their neighbour and writing down thoughts and ideas to enrich learning.


How has your idea of harvest changed from taking part in Harvest Question time?

How would you describe the differences and similarities between harvest in the UK and overseas to someone else?

Learning outcomes

  • Take part in a community of enquiry
  • Record ideas and thoughts from panel’s answers.
  • Explain what has been learnt and the difference it makes to understanding about how and why Harvest is celebrated

Resources and Points to note

Hosting ‘ Harvest Question time’ in the local church works well, especially if it is timetabled at the same time as the church is celebrating harvest, as displays and posters will be in situ ready for the festival.

Panel: Ensuring panel members represent UK views and other countries, eg Mozambique. Panel members could be invited to choose two objects to symbolise ‘harvest’ and explain to audience