Activity 8 – Extended reflection Gratitude in action

In this extended reflection pupils will have opportunities to activate a practical expression of gratitude (class or whole school) to share with the local church or linked community overseas, for example in Mozambique, arising from the learning journey. Ideas include designing  a ‘live’ campaign for a charity supported by the local church or planning and leading a school harvest festival (Plan of action to be decided by the children)

Opportunities to engage directly with the key concept of loving your neighbour as yourself’, and to engage with citizenship objectives are built into the work through the Diocesan Companion, ALMA network of partnerships between churches and schools in the UK and in Mozambique.  Pupils are able to explore ‘live relationships’ between Christian believers in their local church communities and communities in Mozambique that enable them to compare and contrast aspects of Christianity as it is expressed in the UK and overseas.

Key Questions

  • How do Christian believers communicate their faith through  Harvest celebrations or campaigns?
  • How can the arts be used as a tool to communicate Christian beliefs and values?
  • What have we learned about the impact of Jesus teaching ‘to love God and love your neighbour, on Christian believers?
  • What difference does learning about ‘loving your neighbour’ make to me?

Learning Objectives

  • To consider  ways of supporting our ‘neighbours’  in terms of fundraising campaigns
  • To communicate Christian belief and values through creative process for an artwork for the church community overseas


Choose an extended reflection that suits the class. This could be linked to charity links in partnership with the local church,  for example:

  • Design and lead a harvest festival for the school in partnership with the local church
  • Plan and implement a real-life charity campaign in partnership with the local church

Possible starting points for artwork

Previous learning from Harvest Explore: e.g. what does harvest mean to Christians today, in the UK and overseas?
Bible text related to ‘love your neighbour’ and ‘harvest of righteousness’ on Jesus’s teaching on  the commandment to ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’
‘The Gleaners’ painting by John Millet in the National Gallery, London
Tree of life with ‘Fruits of the Spirit’ and pupils examples of loving others using these gifts – Galatians 5

Creative process

  • Using the church space and involving parents, church members where possible
  • introducing the brief e.g.  for creating artwork or designing a fundraising campaign
  • working in groups  with a group leader appointed who overseas team work throughout the
  • creative process- (considering your neighbour in team work – see related  guidelines)
  • researching and visualising ideas using agreed starting points
  • presenting initial group ideas to the class – inviting feedback on how concepts ideas/learning about baptism has been communicated
  • reflecting on and refining ideas in preparation for translation into chosen medium
  • translating ideas into agreed outcome in partnership with parents,  staff, church members

Possible outcomes

Harvest Festival for the school or a contribution to the Harvest Festival in the local church

Banners on a theme, designs for windows, altar cloths, priests vestments, resources for children for the overseas community linked to the local church, for example the Diocesan Companion for the Diocese of London Anglola, London, Mozambique Association ALMA


What did we enjoy about ‘loving’ our neighbours either locally or overseas?

How did creating something for someone else help us understand the impact of loving your neighbour as yourself, on our neighbours and ourselves?

Learning outcomes

  • I can respond thoughtfully to the Christian concept of Harvest and how celebrations are opportunities to show love to your neighbour
  • I can work in a team to create artwork, or a campaign for a fundraiser to show love to my neighbour
  • I can reflect on my learning about Harvest ‘Loving your neighbour as yourself’ UK and Mozambique

Resources and Points to note

Liaising with the local church to link in with their community outreach priorities releases opportunities for sustainable partnership and citizenship

Exploring Harvest in the UK

Exploring Harvest in Mozambique and Africa