Our aims – RE with Soul KS2 and KS3 resources offer:

  • Enquiry-based teaching units with supporting resources
  • Model case studies of RE with Soul teaching and learning
  • Values/Global citizenship focus through shared learning within the Church of England Diocesan Companions framework of partnerships e.g. Diocese of London ALMA
  • Exploration of diversity within Christianity in western and non-western community contexts
  • Depth of engagement and progressive exploration of core values inherent in the Christian teaching “Love your neighbour as yourself”
  • Opportunities for schools to creatively engage in their own live relationships and to reflect on their experiences.
  • Transformational teaching and learning through resources that have at their heart an encounter between UK students and Mozambican students

The resources stand alone but can be used as a pathway to explore the opportunities that exist for a school to develop sustainable partnerships building on established ALMA-initiated partnerships between churches and communities across London and Mozambique.