• Harnessing the potential of ALMA in providing a sustainable framework for rich, values-framed learning exchanges across the curriculum and through sharing classrooms
  • Initiating ‘sharing classrooms and congregations’ via the ALMA network of relationships, to both enrich schools and churches partnerships here and in Africa, and between the nations
  • Enabling purposeful, potentially life-changing citizenship-rich RE learning for teachers and pupils, at Primary and Secondary level
  • Supporting the growth of RE with Soul learning partnerships  further still through resourcing schools within the Diocese of London to give access to twinning relationships with global south schools (especially Mozambique and Angola)
  • Nourishing citizenship-rich RE teaching and learning at Primary and Secondary level, that has the potential to be transformational for teachers, learners, school and church partnerships
  • Demonstrating how global citizenship priorities provide for the development of enriched RE and whole school ethos through exploration of Christian belief, morality and spirituality within the curriculum
  • Disseminating learning and ethos development, achieved through existing ALMA global partnerships
  • Sustaining and extend existing ALMA partnerships