Secondary (KS3)

RE with Soul Resources for Secondary Schools:


The Deputy head of Maciene school monitors student attendance

  • trace the experience of UK students first visit to Mozambique with their reflections and learning
  • challenge students to consider their own responses, thinking about what they see; they question their assumptions about poverty in a third world country; they find themselves enriched by Mozambican children; they envy aspects of the lives they encounter
  • show snap-shots of Mozambican life: the place of music and dancing in Mozambican society and culture;
  • provide a comparison of rural and city life; exposure to the values and hopes of Mozambican children and educators
  • provide for learning about the importance of education and consider problems with access to education through a Maciene case study
  • make direct contact with Mozambican students in response to this reflective process through letter-writing
  • provide for learning about the Mozambican civil war and so consider the relationship between justice and peace, freedom and democracy
  • explore the conceptions and misconceptions about worship through investigating western and non western examples

Schemes of work for the Secondary (KS3) units may be downloaded on the links below:

Unit 1 Who is my neighbour?

Unit 2 Supporting each other's development

Unit 3 One human family - values and worship