Lesson 1- What are the issues that affect global society?

Supporting each other’s development through a global partnership

In this lesson, students examine the 2015 Millennium Development Goals as a starting point for the enquiry ‘How can we support each other’s development through a global partnership?’

Through this session, students gain an understanding of the issues that global society is facing.

Key Questions

What are the issues that affect global society?

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the Millennium Development goals and their impact on global society
  • To consider effective ways of improving global society


Students watch a short video clip about the 2015 millennium development goals (MDGs). They make notes on the different goals and interesting facts that they learn on the issues that affect global society.

Main Activity 1

The teacher takes the students through the Shape the future MDGs Powerpoint  Unit 2 Lesson 1 - 2015 Millennium development Goals and discusses each one with the class.

At the end the pupils draw up a table of them in their books and rank them in order of importance. They must be willing to justify their answers for the most important and least important in their books.

Main Activity 2

Students consider whether or not we are close to meeting these goals or have met them. They are given information to show what has been done so far and they discuss what should happen as the next phase.

Students then develop a manifesto of three key goals to follow on from the MDGs. They must ensure that they are achievable. They can be from the current list but they must explain what they are going to do differently to ensure that the goals are met. Students then present their ideas as a speech to the class for discussion.


The teacher shows images to represent the MDGs and students must tell them what each one represents.

Learning outcomes

  • All pupils will be able to describe at least one of the 2015 Millennium Development goals
  • Most pupils will be able to justify an opinion on whether it was achieved by 2015
  • Some pupils will be able to analyse possible ways to achieve particular examples of the goals.

Resources and points to note

Powerpoint: Unit 2 Lesson 1 - 2015 Millennium development Goals

Video clip on the 2015 millennium development goals (MDGs)


  • Identifying practical & sustainable ways to express love for a global neighbour
    (Moral imperative is expressed in the parable of the sheep and the goats – Matthew 21.35-46; and in 1 John 3.17; James 2.14-17)
  • Identifying a neighbour’s needs, rather than starting from one’s own
    (This follows Jesus’ example of selfless care for others cf. Philippians 2.3-8)
  • Reflecting on place of material resources, medical care, education to realise an individual’s God-given potential
    (God’s priority for those at risk is expressed in Deuteronomy 10.17-19)
  • Reflecting on justice, inequality, responsibility of those who have for those who have not
    (Above & James 2.1-9)