Lesson 3 – What is education like for girls in Mozambique?

Students focus on the specific issues facing Maciene School, in particular the education and experience of female students.

Key Questions

How are students going to help improve education for girls in Mozambique?

Learning Objectives

  • To learn about the experience and education of female students in Maciene school

Main activity 1

Introduce the theme using the Girls in Maciene Powerpoint Girls at Maciene School U2L3

Pupils discuss the following questions:

Why do you think orphan girls leave school earlier than boys?
How much do you think it will cost to educate someone for five years?
The teacher then reveals the answers and the pupils give their responses to this:

  1. Girls leave earlier for a number of reasons but mostly because of cost meaning that they can’t afford to live but also because they get pregnant.
  2. It costs £200 to educate someone for five years (£40 per year)

Main Activity 2

Pupils design a leaflet to advertise a fundraising activity which will help girls get access to education in Mozambique. They must make the poster/leaflet eye catching, factual and colourful.


Students share their examples of leaflets. They then THINK/PAIR/SHARE their ideas for how to increase awareness

Learning Outcomes

  • All students will be able to give one reason why girls leave School earlier than boys at Maciene
  • Most students will be able to advocate for the girls at Maciene
  • Some students will be able to come up with innovative ways to raise awareness for girls at Maciene

Resources and Points to Note

Girls at Maciene  PPT Girls at Maciene School U2L3


  • Cultural differences in gender identity & morality
    (Jesus’ inclusion of women cf. their exclusion in cultural context/ Paul ‘there is neither male nor female in Christ’ – Galatians 3.28)
  • Gender equality
    (Above plus: Genesis 1.27)
  • Competing choices for education
    (e.g. Mary and Martha – Luke 10.38-42)

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