Lesson 1 – Should singing be used in worship?

In this lesson students look to engage in ideas of worship through the life of Maciene School, studying the importance of singing and prayer in ‘One human family, values and worship’.

Key Questions

Should singing be used in worship?

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the purpose of singing in worship
  • To reflect on how singing can improve worship in the UK and in Mozambique


Introduce ‘Singing in worship’ theme using ‘Songs in Worship’ PowerPoint Songs in worship U3L1 Students discuss how music is used at churches or places of worship that they attend or have attended. They explore what they enjoy about it and what they do not like about it. They then watch a clip from Eddie Izzard who imitates what singing in church  can be like. (from 0.41 to 1.55 seconds)

Main Activity 1

Students mind-map different answers to this question:

Is it right to judge the quality of worship by the sound we hear? If singing badly makes the worship seem bad, why do churches continue with singing in worship?

Students then share their ideas with the class.

The class then watch a video clip of singing being used in church in Mozambique and discuss whether or not they like the way that singing is used. They share ideas of what is similar and different about its use here and in the UK.

Main Activity 2

Students listen to an audio recording of a song that was written by students at Maciene and Twyford CE High School. They glue  United by Love lyrics into their books, read them and highlight the words that communicate its symbolism. What is the message of the song?

Students must then write their own song to reflect the connection between Maciene and their school.


Students share their songs with each other and discuss the symbolism in the lyrics that they have chosen.

Learning outcomes

  • All pupils will be able to give reasons why singing is used in worship
  • Most pupils will be able to understand how singing can link two different communities
  • Some pupils will have reflected on what they would include in a community worship song

Resources and Points to Note


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