Student writes on chalk board

Student writes on chalk board

ALMA: RE with Soul brings together learning about Christianity within Religious Education with Global Citizenship. It provides a rich resource for an enquiry based approach to RE.

Theological introduction to RE with Soul (Powerpoint) The hyperlink opens the Powerpoint, ‘Theological introduction to RE with Soul’.

The Powerpoint ‘A theological introduction to RE with Soul’ provides a stepwise introduction to how the RE and Global Citizenship work together. The resources take UK-based learners towards a deeper understanding of their Mozambican neighbour; this progression is explained using the KS3 units.

KS2 and KS3 schemes of work provide a theological overview for each lesson. The scriptural references and theology explain the Christian beliefs connected with the lesson content, allowing teachers to be confident in the religious belief and practice communicated in the lesson.

The enquiry based approach of RE with Soul has been formulated to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum Framework for RE produced by the Religious Education Council of England and Wales in October 2013.